A Travel Company in Orlando Gets More Business

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In this case study, I want to talk about a travel outlet based in Orlando, FL. So you can imagine what the focus is about. You guessed it, leveraging travelers who are going to Disneyland. This is a unique industry and the biggest selling point we had to offer was that it didn’t look as if their competitors weren’t doing any SEO of their own.

So we spent the initial hours determining the cost of a visitor. With our intake form, we collected enough information. Once we understood what the client wanted and we told him what we can do for him. We got the green-light.

Again, this case study is how Zion Port helps Orlando based “Know Before You Go Inc” increase sales of Disneyland tickets by 35 %.

Zion Port Appraisal:
“We are very happy & satisfied with the dedicated and ethical SEO services offered by Zion Port team”

— Milad Chater, Owner of Know Before You Go Inc

Know Before You Go Inc is an attraction ticket and travel outlet operating from Orlando for the last 16 years. Being a traditional brick and mortar business, Know Before You Go Inc decided to develop an e-commerce website to increase their market share.

Know Before You Go Inc worked with a few SEO vendors but things did not work out. This made them spend a lot on Paid search to drive traffic. Also, there was no form of analytics installed on the website. This made it pretty difficult to measure natural traffic and Paid traffic.

Zion Port team realized that there was not enough content on the home page. Also, Know Before You Go Inc did not have links from important directories or other travel related websites. After explaining these shortcomings to Milad Chater from Know Before You Go Inc, Zion Port team added a good amount of content on the home page and started working on getting links from few important directories and websites.

According to Milad, “Zion Port was able to deliver the rankings we were looking for a lot quicker and more efficiently than other SEO companies we dealt with. We started to notice improvement almost immediately and it took about 6-8 weeks to get the results we were looking for. We noticed an increase in sales of about 30-35% after reducing our paid advertising by 30-40 %.”

from Zion Port
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