Boosting Business for a Real Estate Agent

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Our recent client is a real estate agent and I was thrilled when we got this contract. There are a handful of industries that are very ripe and SEO would be a really excellent solution. This is one of those cases. Because of this, we knew we had to bring a lot of educational material to the client and what he might expect but more importantly he wasn’t willing to say no. He just wanted to make sure he found the right agency.

The client wanted more local exposure to attract more targeted visitors that will later be converted into clients. The client was aware of the importance of SEO promotion such mercilessly competitive niche as “real estate”: no optimization meant no positions in TOP pages of Google and just as importantly no leads to convert into clients.

After a website audit and we walked him around our live dashboard that we setup for every client., we created a set of the most relevant and useful keywords and then started placing backlinks among partner websites.

Note: Our criteria for selecting the referencing sources for promotion:

1) Relevant subject (for instance, real estate);

2) Same domain zone (the USA in our case);

3) Same language (English).

We regularly check our partner websites to deliver the most tangible results to our clients.

Due to its small link weight, the website had weak rankings for user queries. When many sources with authority have links to the website, it gains its own authority, which makes it more attractive to search engines. Considering this, we kept building link juice. During the campaign, our system has placed a large number of high-quality links from very high authority web sources.

Such “weight gain” bore fruit: over 50 client-generating keywords have improved their positions in Google. Now they are attracting more targeted visitors and, accordingly, generate more clients.

As it was previously mentioned, the real estate niche is one of the most crowded areas in the US domain zone. The competitions get harsher with every day, making business owners fight each other for a client. Leaving your website to its own business in such an atmosphere is a reckless decision, to put it mildly. We offer you a budget-friendly solution that will efficiently provide you with an advantage over your competitors and help you get an honorary place in Google search results.

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