Case Study – SEO Service for a Transportation Company

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Let me share with you a unique case study. First things first, we always start with showing a potential client our live dashboard. Not only does it show stats but it also has the means for him to track all the leads that we deliver. Again, this is total transparency.

Offering thousands of flights, hotel specials, and destination activities and showcasing incredible travel packages daily, Direct Flights International (DFI) is quickly becoming Australia’s favorite choice for online discount travel. With constantly updated travel offers combined with our award-winning dynamic site, Direct Flights keeps your fingers on the pulse of the hottest travel deals for both domestic and worldwide excursions.

Since it’s 1990 establishment as a niche travel operator to Vietnam, Direct Flights International has developed into one of the most respected travel wholesalers across Australia. This has been accomplished by combining award-winning dynamic technology, outstanding customer service, and providing unbelievable prices from over 40 air carriers worldwide and literally thousands of hoteliers across the globe.

With Direct Flights, you can find the flights you need, the ideal accommodations, the most convenient transportation options, and the activities you want – all at the price you can afford! Travel has never been this good.

DFI contacted Zion Port to improve their search engine presence to increase flight bookings. The site had no position for important keywords at all. This was quite obvious since the site’s architecture and link structure did not comply with search engine guidelines. The domain name redirected to an internal directory. The URLs had been built dynamically.

We had several conversations with the client to have the site made search engine friendly. The dynamic URLs were converted into static. The redirect was removed and we added a lot of keyword-rich content. Our consultation included a recommendation on adding content regularly, which is still being followed. Once the site architecture improvements had been made, we built in the best SEO practices including meta tags, on-page code optimization, link popularity development, implementation of Web 2.0 tactics, and other body optimization.

At both the three- and six-month marks, the client experienced a noticeable increase in the traffic and inquiry frequencies, and at nine months they saw major improvements in rankings. Currently, more than 200 keywords are ranking on the first page of the search engines.

The organic traffic in the last six months has increased from 18,000 to more than 33,000.

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