How a Legal Service in New York is Getting More Calls

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I want to share with you another Legal Client that we’ve recently helped achieve amazing results. Since we’ve shared about how our team can help legal services get more exposure. Well, getting another call seemed to be around the corner and it was. We’ve met up with a man who shared my namesake. So it made the conversations that more fun from the first meeting and forward.

Again, Zion Port puts our best foot forward when it comes to tackling your website needs. Our methodology just works and the results you can experience for yourself. Let me tell you about our client in this case study.

The mission statement of New York based Storobin & Associates, P.C. is to make sure that common man can have the services of a Wall Street lawyer, without the exorbitant prices charged by white-shoe law firms to cover their expense accounts. David Storobin is the principal attorney of Storobin & Associates, P.C.

Although the website had a good amount of content, the Title Tags and other HTML tags were not at all SEO friendly. Also, Storobin’s competitors were well-established websites. Another problem was that website did not have any inbound links.

Zion Port team started off with keyword research after consulting with the client. Once the keywords were finalized the next step was including these keywords in the HTML code of the website. After that, Zion Port team submitted the website to local search engines and directories. Also, Zion Port started researching other law related websites and asked them to link to

David started seeing results in two months. Currently, he has seen 150% increase in website traffic and is quite happy with the results Zion Port was able to achieve.

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